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Well it’s time to obtain back into the fitness center as well as begin an additional ‘after infant’ transformation.
Getting back into shape is difficult. After having Milia, I bear in mind doing Full-Body-Licious as well as Curvalicious reasoning, ‘OMG, currently I obtain what these ladies are speaking around, my workouts are difficult’. It seemed like it was the very first time I attempted the exercises.
After a few months, I did away with all the fat as well as by the Spring (I had a summer season baby), I remained in respectable shape again.
This time the makeover is happening much faster, say thanks to benefits. I honestly assume all of it concerns HORMONAL AGENTS. The 2nd time about isn’t as stressful and also I am a lot more approving of Vince’s assistance this moment about, which implies I get more sleep
I seriously can not believe the distinction sleep and anxiety make on weight loss.
I definitely intend to discuss my exercises with you and show you that even though I was in shape prior to my children, being expecting took it’s toll, and also I ended up with a bunch of weight to lose.
Just like every lady that has problem with effective weight loss, I also came to be aggravated, confused, upset and lack confidence … really I still battle, however the difference, possibly, compared to some is my stubbornness.
I dislike the means fat makes me really feel and also look as well as call me vain, however merely HATE running out shape.
Everything in my life seems to be far better when I enjoy my body.
Perhaps you can relate?
If so get on board, workout with me as well as let’s lose FAT together.
Here is week 1 of 12:


This week I weighed in at 130lbs. I generally sit at 115lbs and also at my absolute leanest, 112lbs.

GOAL: Shed 15 pounds in 6 weeks (bringing me to NOV 1st)

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Workout # 1 – FullBody Weights on equipment utilizing really light weight

Bodyweight Squat – 15

Pulldown – 10

Machine Row – 10

Chest Fly – 10

Machine Rear Fly – 10

Lying Hamstring Curl – 10

Leg Extension – 10

Seated Calf Raise – 15

REST 2 minutes

Repeat for a total of 2 sets

Workout #2 – Cardio

Stair climbing (outdoors) – 5 trips of 150 stairs with each flight taking 5 minutes to finish with rest.

* Do modest cardio for 20-25 minutes. Break a sweat yet no HIIT


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Here’s Flavia’s 12 Week Exercise after child # 2!

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