Follow this exercise strategy and lose approximately 20 pounds in 90 days. The slimming program entails a simple exercise and also healthy and balanced eating.

1st Month

This month your goal is to begin melting calories, improve your metabolism and shed 7 pounds.

Time: 3 40-minute sessions each week


Start with 20 mins of cardio-go for a brisk walk, take a bike flight, jog, etc.


Complete these exercises in one collection of 10 reps. Start with a weight that weighes enough.

Standing Biceps Curl

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Modified Push-up

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Shoulder Press Lunge

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Back Row in a Partial Squat

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Squat with Lateral Raise

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2nd Month

This month your goal is to lose 7 more pounds.

Time: Four 65-minute sessions each week


Start with 25 minutes of cardio with boosted intensity (on a machine, raise the slope or the resistance, if you’re outside, cover even more surface in much less time).


Repeat the workouts from the last month, however a little bit harder in 2 sets of 10 reps. Use heavier weights.

3rd Month

This month your goal is to lose 6 pounds.

Time: Five 90-minute sessions per week


Start with HALF AN HOUR of cardio over intensity.


Repeat the exercises in 3 collections of 10 reps.