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Does your Christmas list include a wish for tighter, a lot more sculpted abdominal muscles? Initially, bear in mind that Santa possibly isn’t really your ideal resource, after all, consider his tummy!

All kidding aside, if you’re searching for even more sculpted abdominal muscles, nothing defeats the slab considering that it gets in touch with all three parts of the stomach muscle mass and also because the regular slab can get monotonous, it’s time to put a spin on it. And also even better, the exercise listed below works not just your core, yet likewise your shoulders, butt and also chest!

Lifted Leg Plank
– Beginning in a reduced hover slab with your abs in tight – lower arms on the flooring, elbows under your shoulders as well as stabilizing on one or both feet.
– Flex your appropriate foot and flex your appropriate knee approximately make a 90 ° angle. Make certain to maintain your hips make even to the flooring and do not lean into the left side to overcompensate.
– Keep the bend in your knee and slowly lower your right leg down in the direction of the floor.
– Need more of a difficulty? Place a dumbbell or tiny medicine ball behind your knee as you raise and also lower!
– Attempt this 10-12 times for 1-2 sets (or 3 collections if you’re advanced) as well as repeat on the various other side.

Remember: the trick to wonderful looking abdominals isn’t reps, it’s range! So keep striving as well as attempt to include new moves right into the mix so you maintain it fresh and guarantee far better results.

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All I want for Christmas are some Six-Pack Abs