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When it pertains to shedding calories and torching fat in your butt, this CrossFit WOD Helen does finest.

You might ignore this 3 exercise workout regimen for its shortness and also minimal range, however Helen is only high intensity. While the cardio, 400m running is rather short however not brief adequate to give you a break, both Kettlebell Swings and also Pullups require your full power and also toughness to finish the recommended associates, Helen leaves you with no break or time to rest.

Burning Fat and Calories

Helen is best at shedding fat as well as calories. For 400m run, time yourself everytime as well as offer yourself a criteria, so you can stay on par with the rate as well as pace. This running part of Helen is wonderful at shedding your calories.

The resistance training part of this exercise includes Kettlebell Swings as well as Pull-Ups. While Kettlebell Swings could easily be calssified as an overall body exercise, it’s particularly wonderful at targeting your glutes and also hamstrings, providing you the lean, lengthy legs and also round, toned up butt. Pull-ups is also a complete body exercise that functions wonder for your arms, shoulders and also core. By integrating the two, your entire body is perfectly targeted as well as torched.

‘ Scorch Calories and also Fat with CrossFit Helen ‘

How to Perform Helen

Helen cosists of 3 rounds of 3 exercises, 400m run, 21 reps of Kettlebell Swings, as well as 12 representatives of Pullups. Execute each exercise in turn with little or no remainder in between.

3 Rounds:

  1. 400m Run
  2. Kettlebell Swings : 21 reps
  3. Pull-ups: 12 reps


If you are a beginner, don’t attempt to be a hero on your very first shot. Below is exactly how you can scale down Helen to make it ideal for your health and fitness level.

  1. Shorten the run. Run 200-300m as opposed to 400m.
  2. User a lighter kettlebell for the swing.
  3. Use a resistnace band to aid you in Pull-ups.

As with all workouts, it’s vital not to over do it. It’s vital to bear in mind outcomes come with constant efforts.