lean muscle

I am at it again, training FULL COMPEL to shed a whole lot of calories and much better my conditioning. I seem like I haven’t been educating ‘FULL-BODYL-ICIOUS’ style for a while.

I am advised of what does it cost? I love the FORCE formula, a ladies formula for a best figure. IF you typically aren’t acquainted with the force formula, you have to see what it is all about on today blog site article.

The force formula is everything about producing sexy contours while sweating up a TORNADO, much better your conditioning and leaving your body burning calories long after your workout.

I was so woozy leaving the health club today since I needed food. I got talking with a sweetheart and had to leave fast to refuel my body – I LOVE THAT!

So exactly what was my workout? Happy you asked since it’s all made a note of below!


We desire to be huffing by the end of this workout. Include hefty weights today and make these moves testing. Take little pause in between the exercises, simply enough time to obtain to the next machine.

A1 – Assisted bring up broad grasp till failing then switch to chin ups till failure
A2 – Helped Triceps muscles Dip – failure
A3 – Single-arm Cable television Triceps Expansion – 8-10/ side

4 sets – rest 90 seconds

B1 – Lat Pull down 8-10
B2 – Cable Lateral Raise 8
B3 – Seated Row 8-10
B4 – Rope Face Pull 12

4 sets

C1 – Triceps Dip – failure
C2 – Incline Push up – failure
C3 – DB Lateral Raise – 8-10
C4 – Biceps Curl 10
C5 – Bicycles for Abs 20
C6 – Bench Hops 10/leg

4 sets