Meet Andrew “AJ” Jones. He’s a specialist health and fitness version from Farmington, Connecticut. AJ is just like numerous other designs other than that he does not have a functioning heart neither a discernible pulse. As he says regarding him, “I’m virtually the best looking zombie you’ll ever before see.”

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Concerned concerning the battery life of your gadgets? AJ will certainly beat you. He should be regularly attached to 2 batteries as well as a computer system that he constantly carries in a knapsack, whenever he goes.

” I always need to have batteries charging during the night, when I’m going to bed, I’ll connect my phone in, and also after that I’ l plug myself in,” says AJ.

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In 2015, AJ was identified with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It’s a condition where the heart muscle mass thickens with no reason and the person need to get a heart transplant in order to live. While AJ is waiting for a brand-new heart, he has actually received a left ventricular assist tool- pump that delivers blood from the lower heart chamber throughout the body, similar to a healthy and balanced heart would.

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AJ is so pumped on life and also will not allow this condition stop him neither slow-moving him down. He regularly shares his trip on his Instagram profile and also shares fitness video on his YouTube channel.

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AJ is just among the 120.000 people awaiting a body organ on the benefactor checklist. AJ also discovered his very own company called ‘Hearts At Larger’ in order to increase recognition for the requirement of donors.

One organ donor can conserve 8 lives, but unfortunately, around 22 individuals die each day since a body organ wasn’t available on time.