body building

I trust fund you are enjoying the workouts for the past 2 weeks. I LIKE this established up, so much so that I have actually only transformed a couple of things.

How is your body shaping up?

My legs are actually looking effective these days. I associate it to the exercises I’ve been sharing, as well as doing, in the last couple of months.

I still require some job on my tummy but also that is occurring nicely.

Tonight Vince and also I are going to make porterhouse steaks as well as we could also have a bottle of wine. I seem like I’ve been weight loss for a while now. I haven’t had a REAL cheat meal in a lengthy time.

I’ve been having some cheats though – in Las vega I had a juicy hamburger, some steak as well as beverages. The way I kept lean was not eating many carbs with other meal apart from one dish a day (similar to I shared in the e-mail last weekend break).

I am sensation denied and with a pool event around the bend, I need to keep it tight for one more few days then I will likely have a BIG shovel it in day.

Sunday, after the swimming pool celebration, Vince and also I are visited an Italian dining establishment in Toronto. I can’t wait on pizza – bread – yum!

I truly cool part is that I’ll likely LOOK far better afterwards meal. Sweetness!

All I need to do is ready with all my dishes preceeding the weekend break, delight a little bit and also struck the gym hard following week. That will certainly keep my metabolism high and fat far from my cells

I love this phase – upkeep – yet it didn’t come so simple. As you well remember, I had a whole lot of fat to lose after having Gianluca. It took me months however I am here.

I hope you are finding ‘fat-freedom’ also. Otherwise, allow me recognize exactly how I can assist. Just struck reply or leave me a comment on the blog site as well as myself and/or my group will help by any means we can.

I desire you to claim, ‘I LOVE MY BODY’. Besides, that is what I am below for. Allow me assist you!

Without further ado, right here are your exercises for next week:

New Workout Routine:

Monday: glutes and hams
Tuesday: back, chest, abs, HIIT
Wednesday: yoga
Thursday: shoulders, abs, cardio
Friday: glutes and quads
Saturday: bi’s, tri’s, abs and HIIT

This need to take me into September shredded with abdominal muscles and muscular tissue

Note:Cheat day 1x week when goal reached or 1x every 2 weeks up until objective obtained

Goal Weight:113 Ibs with meat on my butt!

Day 1: Hams, Glutes and Calves

Exercise Tempo Reps Sets Rest (sec)
A1 Barbell Squat 3210 8 5 60
B1 Powersquat Deadlift 2211 8 5 60
C1 Lying Leg Curl 3012 10 5 15
C2 Weighted Banded Bridges 2012 4 10 60
D1 Leg Press (feet high and wide) 3110 10 4 15
D2 45* Hip Extension 2014 10 4 60
E1 HEAVY Standing Calf bone Raising toes aimed out 1011 7-9 4 10
E2 Seated Calf Raise toes pointed out 1016 15 4 75

Day 2: Chest and Back and HIIT

Exercise Tempo Reps Sets Rest (sec)
A1 Assisted Chin Up 3111 10 5 60
B1 Standing Straight Arm Lat Pulldown To thighs (use a rope or bar on sheave) 3112 10 4 60
C1 Supinated Bent Over Barbell Row 3112 10 4 15
D1 Barbell Flat Bench Press 3111 10 5 60
E1 Incline Press Machine 3112 10 4 60
F1 Decline DB Bench Press 3211 10 4 60

* HIIT 20 Minutes (Prowler, Stairway Mountain climber or Sprints)

Day 3: Shoulders, Abdominals as well as Cardio

Exercise Tempo Reps Sets Rest (sec)
A1 Cable Lateral Raise 3111 10 4 60
B1 DB Lateral Raise 3111 10 4 10
B2 DB Front Raise 3111 10 4 60
C1 DB Shoulder Press 2111 10 4 10
C2 DB “L” Lateral Raise 2111 10 4 60
E1 High Cable Rear Delt 3111 10 4 60
F1 Standing Bent Over Rear Delt With Plates 3112 10 4 10
F2 Reverse Machine Pec Dec 3112 10 4 75
G1 Swiss Ball Straight Leg Jackknife *no tempo 10 3 10
G2 TRX Hill Climbers (or off flooring) 10 3 10
G3 Plank off floor 30 second hold 1 min rest #colspan #colspan #colspan #colspan

Optional Cardio – 30-40 minute run.

Day 4: Quads, Glutes as well as Calves

Exercise Tempo Reps Sets Rest (sec)
A1 Hack Squat 3020 5 5 60
B1 Leg Press (Feet Narrow and Low) 3110 10 5 15
B2 Banded Bridge 2014 10 5 60
C1 Leg Extensions 2011 8 4 15
C2 Step Up 3111 10 4 60
C3 Walking Lunge 1111 10 4 60
D1 Donkey Calf Raise (toes explained) 1011 7-9 6 60

Day 5: Arms, Triceps muscles, Abdominals and HIIT

Exercise Tempo Reps Sets Rest (sec)
A1 DB Seated Biceps Curl 2112 10 4 15
A2 Triceps Skull Crusher 3111 10 4 60
B1 Standing Biceps Low Cable Curl 3212 10 4 60
B2 Staying Bent Over DB Triceps muscles Extension 2112 10 4 60
C1 Standing DB Hammer Curl 2111 10 4 15
C2 Standing DB Triceps Kickbacks 3112 10 4 60
D1 Seated Russian Spin with plate *no tempo 10 3 10
D2 Bicycle Crunch 10 3 10
D3 Heel Faucet Grind (crisis up, arms right to each side as well as bend one side each time to touch heel. Repeat on opposite) 10 3 60

HIIT 20 Minutes