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For a lot of us, combating with our taste as well as our physical fitness goals is a daily struggle.

We can all agree that the foods we yearn for are not always the ideal for our bodies. Bacon is obviously a preferred food for several of us. Some will certainly say that it’s a healthy and balanced snack and others will certainly avoid anything that relates to bacon altogether.

What if you learnt that there was a seaweed that tasted much like bacon however with more wellness benefits compared to kale?

Health fans and bacon fans around the globe can now celebrate over a new discovery from Oregon State. It appears that a miracle of preference and nutrition has happened.

Get this: a team of Oregon State scientists just found a brand-new type of algae that when cooked preferences much like bacon, yes bacon!

The look of the new bacon seasoned seaweed is similar to red lettuce, just it is much more clear. This red algae may just be the next big thing.

So how healthy is it, really?

Well, the bright side keeps improving as well as far better. Oregon State’s new impressive algae really has TWICE the nutritional worth of kale ( everybody’s favorite superfood). Let’s be straightforward, kale isn’t the tastiest vegetable available. Few foods have actually acquired as much popularity and internet buzz in the last few years as bacon. Integrating these new foods can create a major discovery in the food and wellness industry.

It’s not unsubstantiated that individuals are obtaining truly delighted concerning a strong, fiber packed algae that tastes like among everyone’s favorite yummy meals.

This is very outstanding information. Let’s look at this so far … So, it tastes like bacon, it’s healthier compared to kale and it’s not a joke.

When you say ‘two times as healthy as kale’, words ‘scrumptious’ can be tough to think. Allow’s review this one more time, it tastes like bacon and also has more nutritional worth than kale … wow!

More great information? It also grows fast. Just one more time, it’s totally natural.

Chris Langdon as well as his group of visionary Oregon State researchers are regarding to be renowned from this bacon discovery. Like many fantastic explorations throughout background, the group came across a luck while searching for something totally different.

Check this out … this bacon flavorful algae was located accidentally while researchers were searching for a much better food resource to support the Oriental requirements for the popular recipe, edible sea snails (abalone).

They happened to check out this brand-new kind of red, obviously bacon flavorful algae. Generally this brand-new type of red algae’s habitat can be located the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific, yet quite quickly we could just be discovering it in food store. This cloud be the following big ‘superfood,’ and also it is possible it will certainly be a bit pricey as quickly as the buzz goes out … particularly about the bacon part. (Yum)

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Where Did They Locate This Bacon Seaweed?

A close friend of Langdon’s at Oregon State, Chuck Toombs took a closer look at online seaweed and also figured out that something quite bigger compared to abalone could be on their plate.

In an Oregon State news release, Toombs reached to recommend that the brand-new kind of seaweed can develop a new sector for the state. This is enthusiastic for both health food fans and also Oregon’s regional food economy.

Since this group pleasing discover, Toombs signed up with forces with Ohio State University’s Food Advancement. The outcome? They generated a number of foods showcasing this healthy and balanced tasty seaweed.

Langdon stated that there are no companies in the United States expanding algae that individuals could consume, however apparently it’s obvious in other areas in the world. It has actually been claimed that in north Europe, people have actually been consuming this red algae for numerous years.

Langdon stated that although no United States firms grow red algae for people to consume, algae has actually been a preferred meal by individuals in north Europe for centuries.

It ought to come as no surprise that Langdon plays a significant function in discovering this tasty food from the sea. While we have not attempted the recipe, he says that the bacon taste is not difficult to miss out on because the flavor is so rich and also strong.

It’s prematurely to state just what it will certainly take to bring this product to the marketplace, but we recognize that we are interested as well as we are certainly not the only one. Another amazing thing is that vegan as well as vegetarians who have offered up meat could enjoy the flavor without breaking the guidelines. Even if you’re on a high fat, high healthy protein diet plan, you still require vitamins and also minerals.

Everyone that cares about their health requires a few secret tools in their diet that combine the tastes we enjoy with the nutrients we need. Whether it’s for ethical or dietary reasons, bacon simply does not benefit some individuals. When you fry up this new red algae, the taste is so delicious that you forget it benefits you. So this is truly excellent information from the group at Ohio State as well as we couldn’t be a lot more excited to try this recipe out.

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What’s Following For Bacon Seaweed?

Luckily for us, a group of MBA students that have actually been collaborating with Toombs are already making an advertising and marketing plan to bring this new algae to our supermarket, dining establishments and also cooking areas. Now they are able to make 20 to 30 extra pounds of the new red algae each week yet are looking to triple that amount.

Stay tuned for even more updates and also as quickly as we discover out where you can get this delicious, healthy red algae to please that bacon solution, we’ll be certain to allow you recognize where to discover it! Please don’t hesitate to share remarks if you’ve had a chance to try some bacon flavored red algae!


Even though no tests have been done yet to find out whether marketing bacon algae would certainly be popular, the team assumes that people who are vegan and also vegan would like it.

There is some red algae that is offered to buy in the US currently, yet it is a various type from the one from OSU. We are delighted to see exactly what will happen next with this tasty bacon flavored seaweed!

-Terry Asher